Student Test Success Training Moves Online and into Phones with uDemy

Student Test Success Training Move Online with uDemy

School Skills announced today their partnership with San Francisco start up company udemy for delivering online video versions of School Skills test success training over the web. “We love teaching our live, in-person seminars” said School Skills founder Chris Tobias “but we just can’t reach enough students with the in person classes. The web lets us reach students everywhere, in every country at whatever time is best for them. It’s an incredible way to learn. We are also thrilled with udemy’s iphone application. That will put the School Skills videos into any students pocket. They can get a quick video on how to win at school whenever they need it.”

School Skills training provides comprehensive, scientific methods for students to improve grades, learn more effectively and reduce stress.  “I think we are really unique in the level of scientific research and discipline that supports our training” continued Mr Tobias “Let’s be honest … there is a lot of junk on the web about school and study. Last time I searched the web on ‘how to study’ I got about 36 million pages back.  There are even more pages for parents talking about how to help kids.  We have boiled this down to a simple, fun class that both students and parents can use to improve at school.  We use the best sources in Psychology, Neurology and Social Science to identify how people learn best and what works in real life.  Then we put that into a fun format. I think the fact that we have taught this in the classroom for so long will help make the web videos more fun too.”

Parents looking for ways to help their students in school will also be able to use the online training.  “Every parent wants their student to do well in school and in life.  In fact learning is really a life skill, not just a school thing.  Technology and society is changing so fast that we all have to keep learning. We’ve had parents tell us ‘I never really learned how to learn well. You guys had to teach me!’ and it’s true.  We all can use some help with learning and once we have the tools, then we can help our kids.”

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