15 Jan

How to Read a Book in 10 Minutes

Stressed student with too many books to readChecking the time you see it’s 9:30 in the morning already. Where did the morning go? Your exam is in 30 minutes! And you haven’t even opened up that extra book you were supposed to read for the test.

Sound familiar?

While we don’t recommend leaving your book until the painfully last moment, there is a way to drink in the main points of a book in under ten minutes. You won’t be prepared of every question on the test but you will have a handle on the big topics and main themes. You should be able to recognize many of the test questions and increase your grade significantly.

Here’s how.

  1. Open the book and use a blank, flat card or blank piece of paper to push down the page, covering up things after you read them. This will prevent re-reading and help you focus. 
  2. Scan the table of contents paying close attention to what topics are covered and the themes. 
  3. Then open the first chapter and read the first two paragraphs Casino Online of that chapter. No more. 
  4. Scan through the rest of the chapter looking for highlight and key points. If there are any lists or tables, make sure you scan these carefully. Also be sure to note any sub-chapter section headers. When you come to the end of the chapter, read the final two paragraphs. 
  5. Then move on to the next chapter and repeat the process.

For a typical 300 page book this read-scan-read method should take you less than 10 minutes to cover the whole book. You won’t be an expert when you are done but you will know a whole lot more than you did ten minutes ago. If you have another 5 minutes, pick the chapter that sounds like it is the most likely to be covered on the exam and read-scan-read it again.

Once you have reviewed the book, put it away and go take your test.  You are as prepared as you can be.  You are certainly  a whole lot more ready than you were 10 minutes ago.