30 Mar

Great Teachers Make Class That Much Better

Harvard University’s new Great Teachers project videos got us excited not only about teaching but also being a student.  One of the best ways to succeed in school is do your homework – about your teachers!  Find out who is the best instructor for Biology, Math or Ancient Literature.  Then get your self into their class!

Talk with other students, talk to other instructors and listen for the teachers they love.  Then go into the indian cialis registrar office oh-so-early in the morning (right when it opens) to make sure you get into the right class.  With the right teacher. Your grades will improve because you will enjoy the class.  A little work pays off in a lot of learning.

Here’s Harvard’s Jonathen Zittrain to help you see why great teachers are important.

Harvard’s Great Teachers: Jonathan Zittrain from Derek Bok Center on Vimeo.