15 Apr

Is Music the Drug for Better Study?

So you already knew that music helps you study better, finish your home work faster and makes school more fun, right? Well you are smarter than you know! Recently researchers compared students who listened to music with students who used anti-stress drugs and found … music works better! Now this was a small study and there is more scientific work to be done. But listening to music clearly helped people’s brains relax, focus and learn more.  It also helped train your brain in areas totally unrelated to music.  The rhythmic patterns and tones can help your brain improve language and memory. Is that cool or what?

So what kind of music works best?  Even better news.  The kind you like!  Researchers scanning brain activity with advanced medical devices saw the most positive neural activity when music was the listeners preferred style.

Next time your Mom or Dad tells you to turn down the volume, send them to This is Your Brain on Music and Music:It’s All in Your Head for more.  And then turn it up!