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We’re excited about great tools for school success.  Some of them are so great – we’re giving them away.  Free!

Want to sample our latest book? Here is a Free PDF of the first 11 Secrets in 101 Secrets to Passing Any Test

Need more time to do the stuff you enjoy?  Try using a time budget to plan out your school week.  Fill in the commitemnts you have to classes, work and sleep.  Then fill in time for fun too! It’s your time. Own it. Use it. Enjoy it.

Educators, parents and tutors could always use some handouts to give their students.  Try out these key study skills handouts for use in your library, classroom, counseling center or at home.
Good things to check out

Edutopia is a project from George Lucas (yeah … the Starwars guy) to help schools and students.  Their newsletter is often good reading.