Learn How to Memorize with Instant Genius Memory System (gold edition)

Instant Genius Memory System

Have you ever struggled to memorize something?

Would you like to face your next school test or exam with ease and confidence?  Do you know how to memorize people’s names, stories and personal details with ease? Knowing how to memorize opens up a lot of doors .  It makes life a lot easier.

Learn to memorize with Instant Genius Memory System audio training

Most people have trouble remembering names, dates and the many facts needed for school or work. What most people don’t know is there are easy, scientifically based memory techniques that can help you memorize instantly.

You can learn these skills in less than an hour using Instant Genius Memory System audio training.  Learn with short, easy audio lessons at your convenience. Listen on your iPod or other audio device in the gym, when driving or whenever you like.  This training fits easily into your busy schedule. And you’ll have your new memory skills forever!

Why wait? You can improve your memory, and your life, right now.

In this training you’ll learn:

  • How to identify your memory ‘style’ and use your brain strengths for memorization
  • The one ‘weird old’ method that every USA Memory Champion1 uses to win
  • Memory shortcuts that can instantly bond facts, dates and more to your memory
  • The top five unique, scientifically based memory methods for every situation

Learning with audio training

Is this training really worth buying? Did you know that successful students who stick with their education can make over $1,000,000 more in lifetime income2 than other people? We could easily charge $600 for a two-day memory class to help people gain these lifetime skills.  The cost is nowhere near this high.

This is your opportunity to get better memory – at a price that won’t last!

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Can we be honest for a minute?  Most students, young or old, would rather not spend a lot of time studying.  We like to hang out with friends and family, play sports and more.  Rehearsing for exams and tests is time consuming and, well, boring.  Recent advances in science have revealed a lot about how your memory works. And you can use this new science to memorize faster and more accurately.  That means more free time and less study.

We created Instant Genius Memory System to teach you the latest, scientifically based memory techniques quickly and easily.  We made it short because people are busy.  They don’t have extra time for lots of training. So we cut out all the fluff and hype, leaving the essential skills you need.

If you search the web for memorization help you will find millions of pages with ‘memory tricks’ and ‘memorization tips’.  That’s right.  Millions. But which ones really work?  And do you have time to read them all?  We’ve done the hard work of sifting hundreds of techniques to give you the few that are proven effective.

We’re so confident that IGMS will totally change the way you memorize that we will guarantee it 100%.

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All we ask is that you try it for 15 days. Listen to the lessons.

Use the skills in your daily study and life.

If you are not completely satisfied with the training after 15 days, simply send us an email with a copy of the original invoice you received by email. We’ll immediately refund your purchase cost with no hassle at all.


You have nothing to lose.

This is more than training.  It’s confidence to prepare and win on exams.  It’s lower stress and better grades. It’s confidence with facts, dates and people.

Confidence changes everything.

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Ready for BONUS?

This  training contains more than how to memorize.

We’re including our top test-taking strategies audio in this package as well. That’s why this is the ‘Gold Edition’. We’ve taken the number one test-taking skill and created a short, simple audio session that can improve your grades right away.

I know that sounds crazy.

It works. We’ve seen it with students at every grade level.  They take this short, 7 minute test taking lesson and their grades improve.  And it’s yours in with Instant Genius Memory System training.

1. [Yes, there are memory competitions and contests. Check out USA Memory Championship for more.]

2. [The United States Department of Census published a study called The Big Payoff researching the income impact of education. Dollar amounts have been adjusted for inflation to current values.]