School Skills provides inspiration, motivation and fun, easy to learn academic success methods for students in junior high, high school and college grade levels. Professionals returning to school for additional education often find the School Skills tools helpful as well to restart their learning ‘engines’ after years away from academics. School Skills provides exciting classroom seminars, consulting, speaking, coaching, web publications and print publications which encourage student growth and success with academics. They are based in Portland, Oregon but their materials are used in places as far away as Kazakhstan. Started in 2009 by Chris Tobias, School Skills has grown to reach students all over the world. “Our mission” says Mr. Tobias “Is to free students from the school stress and busy work so that they can have fun learning. I really believe that learning how to learn is the best gift any student will ever receive.”

School Skills provides a variety of services and publications to support and encourage academic skills.

For Students : Academic success in-person seminars, coaching services, monthly email magazine and books such as ‘101 Secrets to Passing Any Test’.

For Parents : Parents success guide, consulting, coaching and publications such as the monthly School Skills email magazine.

For Educators : Consulting services to assist setting up academic skills programs in your school or college, customizable curriculum that can be ‘branded’ with your our school or college name and publications.

School Skills founder and author Chris Tobias brings a varied world of experience to the task of academic success. After self-described ‘dog paddling’ his way through high school and an abortive attempt at college, Mr. Tobias was thrown head first into the turbulent world of emerging computer technologies. “I had to learn and learn fast.” he says “We would get a new computer system every 3 months, with all new software and systems. We would learn it in the evening, then sell it the next day to customers. Then we had to train them too.” With more than 15 years of work in fast-paced computer, technology, Mr. Tobias returned to Graduate School for an advanced degree. “I flunked badly” he admits “because I really had no idea how to manage school or learn in an organized way.” Over the summer break, Mr. Tobias called on his experience as a corporate trainer and Six Sigma process improvement leader to research and build a complete academic success training program. “I designed an academic success class for myself because graduate school was just overwhelming. It worked so well that I ended up in the top of my class.” After graduating Mr. Tobias started School Skills to offer academic success seminars to students from Junior High to College levels. “A lot of kids are dog paddling without any real plan for school. It’s stressful and gets in the way of real learning. I love to see the light bulb come on when kids in our seminars realize they can get school under control and really make it work.”